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Soft Baby Safe Corner Protector Baby Kids Table Desk Corner Guard Children Safety Edge bumper Guards doors tuning Description 100% brand new and high quality.Material:PVC.Size:About 3cm .Beautiful, soft and comfortable.Lightweight, durable and practical.Flexible and non-slip, it is easy to cut and replace .It has strong adhesion but is easy to clean without remaining sticky residue.Dust-free, [...]


Furniture edge protector Description: Product Name: Thick and transparent right angle table corner anti-collision angle Size: 4cm*4cm*2cm Color: transparent Material: Silicone Note: This product comes with adhesive, no need to buy separately Specifications: Furniture edge protector Instructions Furniture edge protector 1. The surface of the table corner must be cleaned before use. 2. Use double-sided [...]


Description: 100% Brand New and High Quality! 1. Real-time positioning: The device uses a quad-core precision positioning chip, which is accurately calculated in seconds. After the vehicle is stolen or robbed, you can remotely master the vehicle line at any time. Driving status (time, speed, direction, location, etc.) to help the police quickly solve the [...]


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LED AMP Amplificador Home Theater USB TF Card Player


Description: Description: Mini HIFI audio power amplifier.Two main channel output. Left and right channel outputs are interfaces for speakers or speakers. Low distortion supplies a clearer, stronger and more powerful sound. Made up of aluminum alloy body, thick, feel is also very good. Large knobs are designed with blue LED lights tomake the products morebeautiful [...]