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Features:It’s not just a ballpoint pen that can be used for writing, it’s also a mini phone. As a Bluetooth dialer, when you use it paired with your smart phone through Bluetooth, then you can sync contacts and receive phone calling. It can also get music from bluetooth device, enjoy music by wireless control.It support [...]


Description: Features: 1. Easy to use, one switch recording. 2. Can still record while charging. 3. Super high quality recording. 4. Mini size, easy to carry. Specification : 1. Size: about 70 * 22 * 10 mm / 2.76 * 0.87 * 0.39 inch 2. Color: Black, White 3. Memory : Most support 32GB (The [...]


Voice recorder mini – MWdao Mobile phone remote control Location query HD recording MWdao newest upgrade recorder Users can hear the sound of the scene in real time. Users can remotely control the recorder through their mobile phones. Other ordinary recorders The user cannot hear the sound in real time. The user cannot remotely control [...]